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 You realize that something was missed in a contract that you and other parties have already signed...oops! Or you realize something needs to be changed or added because a client requested additional work from you that wasn't included in the original contract. You will need the right legally-binding amendment to that original contract in order to ensure you're still protecting all parties, even with the new change. 

This Contract Amendment Template includes the language you need to change the terms of any contract you have should you need to!

We know that retaining a lawyer is very expensive which is why we created this legal template for you that is easily customizable and a very small fraction of what you would pay to have a lawyer draft one for you.

This template is very easy to read and use and shows the places in the template that need your customization and what to include. Within minutes, you can have and use your own legally-binding contract agreement in order to change any agreements or contracts you have in place or use in the future. 

Important: Please be sure to have an attorney in your State review this template after you have edited it and customized it, so that they can best ensure that this document is in compliance with state and business laws and tailored to your business.

No Refunds: Due to the nature of this being a digital product, you will not receive a refund for your purchase or any reason. 

Disclaimer: By you purchasing and accessing this template, you agree and understand that you are not receiving legal advice and an attorney-client relationship is not being formed. This product is for informational purposes only. You, and NOT Legacy Labeled Co. LLC, are ultimately responsible for your business and taking all steps necessary to ensure your business is legally protected. Again, you should always discuss this template with a competent attorney in your State.